Based on a true story!

Applying a visionary sense for trends and a keen passion for fashion and textiles Elias Rumelis, founder of the correspondent fashion label Elias Rumelis, realized at an early age that his professional career would lead him into the world of fashion. This creative libertine and avowed “jeans and pants enthusiast” has worked tirelessly as producer and designer for exclusive, international fashion labels for over 20 years:
365 days a year, around the clock, around the globe. He was always accompanied by the grand dream of an exclusive premium fashion label representing his own style and giving him the freedom to act out his creativity limitlessly.
The final impulse, needed to found his own label meeting his vision of exclusiveness, was given to him by his two children: He used to bring home self-designed and especially produced jeans pants with his initials for his children from his numerous business trips – mainly as a “compensation” for him being away from home too often.
On their 11th birthday, the Rumelis twins asked their father why he is not creating an own label out of it. This was an important and significant moment for Rumelis and the decisive initial spark: In 2015 the vision became a label – “Elias Rumelis” is the name for this exclusive streetwear-label which does not only carry Rumelis initials in its logo but also the distinctive “style-ID” of its designer.
The distinctive style of Elias Rumelis, the edgy demand, the meticulous infatuation for details and the courage to experiment unconventionally is mainly reflected in the highlight-pieces of his collection: trendy cuts from body hugging to relaxed and casual, fancy materials and a first-class manufacturing coin this unique production DNA and the incomparable character of the label Elias Rumelis.